All time favourite Houseplant Book | Plantopedia by Leaf Supply

18 February 2021

Houseplant books are a must have for my growing collection of houseplant babies I just love being able to pick up one of my houseplant books and see all the information inside for each individual plant 
this one by Lauren Camilleri & Sophia Kaplan of  Leaf Supply has to be my ultimate favourite plant book to date 
The amount of information inside this book makes it so easy to understand the care for each house plant i also love that it has a few ribbon inserts to place as a guide for where i was last reading each page has loads of information on soil requirements light & water also they show what houseplants are easy to care for and what ones that can be harder to care for.
Also this book gives me more inspiration to buy other houseplants as well there other two books Leaf Supply & Indoor Jungle are both really amazing informative books as well this one is more like a Dictionary of Houseplants 
Whats one of your favourite Houseplant's 

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