Frozen Palettes | Colourpop Cosmetics

8 March 2021

 Since im going to see Frozen the musical on Wednesday I thought it would only be fitting to get these gorgeous palettes out and have a swatch and look at their stunning colour story 

The Anna palette is a gorgeous warm toned palette lovers dream I always instantly go for these colour story palettes.

scooch in: white gold with a pink 
flipwind: warm yellow brown
earth: true yellow gold
adventure: red plum
arendelle: gold glitter with flecks of copper

autumn breeze: deep mulberry

warm hugs: dusty mauve with gold flecks

fearless: deep terracotta

charades: deep red brown

The Elsa palette is a cool toned palette full of really gorgeous soft mauve shadows 

cuddle close: white with a pinky opal flip

fire: pinky mauve

northern lights: pinky purple with a vibrant minty flip

gale: warm lavender with an icy flip

flurry: opal with mutlidimensional glitter

water: dusty periwinkles

awakened: deep purple berry

ice crystals: true silver

spindrift: deepened wine


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