Mini Egg Nest Slice | Easter Treat

1 April 2021

Easter long weekend has started at my house as we've been making some little easter treats for tomorrow's church easter picnic i thought i would make some of these Cadbury mini egg nest slice as these were one of my favourites growing up 
To make these non bake treats you will need 
2 bags of Cadbury mini eggs 
2 Family blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 
4 Packets of Changs Fried Noodles 

Mix your melted chocolate with your crispy noodles once they are all covered in chocolate add them to a tray place your Cadbury mini eggs ontop and place in the fridge overnight 
Whats one of your favourite Easter Treats to make ?

Autumn French Toast | Oliver Brown

21 March 2021

For rainy autumn days like today there is nothing better then going out for coffee & having French toast the one at Oliver Brown has to be one of my favourites the ultimate comfort food for a rainy day 
This one is made with Brioche Bread with a cinnamon maple syrup rose petals and mascarpone cheese with some Bacon added to it cause I love that sweet & salty savouriness of the Bacon with the French Toast 
Whats one of your food comforts for the colder weather 

Autumn Lunch Dates | Camden Valley Inn

15 March 2021

There is nothing more relaxing then going to lunch in the Autumn season one of my favourite places to go is Camden Valley Inn 

I just love the atmosphere at Camden Valley Inn its so peaceful and full of gorgeous plants all around 

Love the gorgeous setting on a Autumn day 
The chicken schnitzel is a must have always from CVI its so delicious and the best autumn comfort food ever.

I finally tired the Sticky date pudding it was the most delicious pudding i've ever eaten 

Seeing Frozen the musical | Capitol Theatre Sydney

11 March 2021

Yesterday myself Bec & our friend Lara went to see Frozen the musical at the Capitol theatre in Sydney it was the most beautiful stage production ever it was like stepping into Disney's Arendelle Castle with the amount of detailing that went into each prop & costume design it was just spectacular 
If you get the chance to see it you will not be disappointed the music and the atmosphere was just so gorgeous and full of that Disney magic plus the costumes were stunning the Olaf and Sven were so adorable.

We went to dinner at New Shanghai afterwards it was a long awaited dumpling dinner 



Frozen Palettes | Colourpop Cosmetics

8 March 2021

 Since im going to see Frozen the musical on Wednesday I thought it would only be fitting to get these gorgeous palettes out and have a swatch and look at their stunning colour story 

The Anna palette is a gorgeous warm toned palette lovers dream I always instantly go for these colour story palettes.

scooch in: white gold with a pink 
flipwind: warm yellow brown
earth: true yellow gold
adventure: red plum
arendelle: gold glitter with flecks of copper

autumn breeze: deep mulberry

warm hugs: dusty mauve with gold flecks

fearless: deep terracotta

charades: deep red brown

The Elsa palette is a cool toned palette full of really gorgeous soft mauve shadows 

cuddle close: white with a pinky opal flip

fire: pinky mauve

northern lights: pinky purple with a vibrant minty flip

gale: warm lavender with an icy flip

flurry: opal with mutlidimensional glitter

water: dusty periwinkles

awakened: deep purple berry

ice crystals: true silver

spindrift: deepened wine


All time favourite Houseplant Book | Plantopedia by Leaf Supply

18 February 2021

Houseplant books are a must have for my growing collection of houseplant babies I just love being able to pick up one of my houseplant books and see all the information inside for each individual plant 
this one by Lauren Camilleri & Sophia Kaplan of  Leaf Supply has to be my ultimate favourite plant book to date 
The amount of information inside this book makes it so easy to understand the care for each house plant i also love that it has a few ribbon inserts to place as a guide for where i was last reading each page has loads of information on soil requirements light & water also they show what houseplants are easy to care for and what ones that can be harder to care for.
Also this book gives me more inspiration to buy other houseplants as well there other two books Leaf Supply & Indoor Jungle are both really amazing informative books as well this one is more like a Dictionary of Houseplants 
Whats one of your favourite Houseplant's 

Hydrangea Dress & Fresh Flowers

30 January 2021

On Friday I decided to finally style my new dress from Shein its a gorgeous oversized smoock dress that has a frill neck and frill sleeves the Hydrangea print on this is so stunning it has to be one of my favourites to wear from Shein they have some really good quality items for under $30 each I've been so obsessed with there clothes on their website 
I kept my makeup on the mauve neutral side I always use my Flower beauty lipstick duo in Honey nude " hands down has to be my everyday lipstick shade " they are just so creamy and pigmented on the lips " 

 I've also been loving my revolution makeup reloaded palette in Velvet Rose these shadows are so similar to my sisters Soft glam ABH palette 

My super talented friend Lara made me & bec a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for our birthday we absolutely love them so many gorgeous colours 



Summer makeup loves | Colourpop cosmetics & Flower beauty

16 January 2021

These are some products from Colourpopn & Flower Beauty that I have been loving for the summer weather some days I just use a bit of the pretty fresh concealer & some of the warrior princess mascara from flower beauty and im good to go other days I wear a full face of makeup using the Fenty Beauty primer & Colourpop pretty fresh foundation  
For my foundation prep i always use the Fenty primer I find this makes every foundation i wear apply smooth and even to the skin the colour pop pretty fresh foundation has been my go to for ages the concealer is also another pretty fresh product i've been loving too
You can't go wrong with a neutral eyeshadow palette the going coconuts palette by colour pop has the perfect colour story to it you can create any type of eye look with this little cutie

The Flower beauty Lip duo's have been one of my favourite lipsticks for a few years now they are so rich in pigment and smooth on the lips the gloss is a nice soft gloss it isn't too sticky which is what i love for a gloss " my lipstick that is my hands down favourite is honey nude "

the miracle matte setting powder has to be the best setting powder i've used a new product that i've been using is the Warrior Princess mascara this is the softest mascara brush ever for the drugstore the fibres on the brush make the mascara coat the lashes perfectly and they also curl upwards with this mascara wand 

What has been some of your makeup favourites 



My House Plants | Care for Summer

1 January 2021

Since i began my Houseplant collection last year this is my houseplants first humid Sydney summer so I've been very particular with how I take care of these plant babies the first thing I love to do is keep my misting to a minimum of 2 times a week I use rain water to help with the plants as it has natural minerals and no chlorine 
Some of these have grown so much during the summer weather its been really lovely to see them all blooming new leaves 

A good spray of neem oil & a good houseplant food is perfect for the house plants i use the plant runner food for my houseplants you need to add water to a shaker bottle add 2 drops of the houseplant food serum and shake the bottle 
I use my diffuser at least once every second day just to keep the plants nice & moist but not soaking wet also good lighting is essential for house plants I have mine west side of our window area so they get a nice amount of sun but not too much heat from our sun in Sydney 
I keep a plant meter on hand at all times to keep a check on how the plants are going if they are having the proper amount of light & water