Christmas M&M Chocolate fudge Brownies

12 December 2020

Christmas baking has to be one of my favourites I love the chocolate goodness in baking treats for this time of year even when its in Summer in todays post im sharing my Christmas triple chocolate fudge brownies with holiday m&ms and some festive sprinkles of course cause you can never have enough Christmas sprinkles or Chocolate for this time of year 

To make these you will need 

2 box mixes of good quality chocolate brownie mix i like to use the triple chocolate fudge ones of these brownies as you get a mix of milk white & dark chocolate throughout the brownies 

6 Large Eggs 

half a stick of butter melted and cooled 

2 bags of Christmas m&ms 

festive sprinkles 

Pre heat your oven to 165 fan forced 

you need to cook these brownies slow & on a low heat to cook gradually I like to do this method as you get a super soft chewy brownie as that's my favourite kind of brownie

The time to cook these would be about 1 hour and a half as I've added 2 box mixes I like to make sure all of the chocolate batter is cooked properly and you don't have a runny batter throughout 



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