Trying out ELF Cosmetics | Bite Size Palettes Flawless Foundation & More

5 September 2020

I haven't made an Elf Cosmetics purchase in years and honestly i am so glad that I did they have changed their makeup products for the better I love the unlimited colour selection for foundations & concealers the quality of these products are up with heaps of other makeup brands so here are my thoughts on each Elf cosmetics product

Elf Flawless Foundation " Swan "
I searched endlessly on Pinterest & YouTube for swatches of the foundation this was one of the lightest shades and I must say the colour was perfect I was honestly expecting it to be so orange and not a match with my skin it blended perfectly and it has a soft smooth finish the primer I used under this foundation was my favourite Fenty Beauty primer
Swatches of the Rose eye putty primer , 16hour Camo Concealer in Fair rose & Swan flawless foundation " 
I heard so many good reviews of this concealer I cannot believe that I haven't heard of this sooner 
its soft smooth and it doesn't crease under my eyes I love the 
Bite sized eyeshadow palettes 
Berry Bad 

These are both of the shadows swatched together " Berry Bad is the first 4 shadows then Pumpkin Spice is the last 4 shadows I love how creamy the shimmer shadows are and how pigmented they are aswell 
I have actually just purchased a few more of these Bite Sized palettes so another blogpost will be happening so keep an eye out
Whats some of your favourite ELF products ?
im keen to try more out from them

Spring Lunch Day | Camden Valley Inn

1 September 2020

I haven't been to Camden Valley Inn in about 5 years since then they have gone through a massive refurbishment its just full of the beautiful country side of Camden the white vintage exteriors on the Inn itself is stunning with all of the pops of Greenery around its so realxing to just chill out and enjoy a glass of wine or even a coffee the food is one of the best places for a good meal in the Camden area

There was so much gorgeous hints of all types of flowers everywhere a plant lovers dream to just look at all of the different blooms of colour 

Getting to know fellow church ladies has been so awesome I've made so many lovely friends from our Local church 

I love how open the seating plan is for Camden Valley Inn its similar to the Grounds of Alexandria with the brick walls and vintage country feel