My Little Pony | ColourPop Cosmetics

25 November 2017

Im currently on Holidays at the moment with my family & furbabies but I have been wanting to get this post up
Who else has been loving all of the new ColourPop collections lately 
My sister actually told me about the adorable " My Little Pony" range that was inspired by the 1980's cartoon I have to admit I never watched the 1980's my little pony but I did have those figurines of them in the late 1990's this collection has to be one of the most gorgeous ones that they have created thus far I just love all of the bright colours & gorgeous tones 

Cherries Jubilee Opalescent pink  with hot pink glitter
Posey Soft pinky beige with silver, gold and pink glitter
Sunbeam l lavender drenched with violet, hot pink and ice blue glitter

LemonDrop Ultra Matte Lavender Shade
PonyLand Ultra Glossy Pink Lavender & glitter Shade
Moondancer Ultra Matte deep berry burgundy Shade
Whats your favourite thing from this ColourPop Collection ?

Glitter & Blush Tulle | Temt Boohoo

3 November 2017

 Having a Tulle skirt in your closet is a must have these are so easy to style with cami tops for the spring time

Burger & Coffee Dates | Dahlias Cafe

2 November 2017

 Dahlias has the most flavourful arrangements of food on their menu from Lunch Breakfast Dinner Brunch & even gorgeous desserts 

 Friday Burger & Coffee Dates at Dahlias is perfect on a Spring Day 
 The American Burger is one of my favourites to have for Lunch 
It has a beef patty maple bacon lettuce onion rings & mustard ketchup & mayo 
My sister loves the Chicken BLT its  grilled chicken bacon lettuce tomato & mayo