Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree | Easy Christmas treat

23 December 2020

This Nutella puff pastry Christmas tree is so easy to make you only need about 3 ingredients and it tastes delicious I found this on Pinterest and decided to make one for my family 

All you need for this puff pastry Nutella goodness is 
Puff pastry I got mine from Aldi
Jar of Nutella 
2 Eggs mixed together to make a that egg wash for the gorgeous golden colour of the pastry 

You need to cut out a triangle to make the tree shape  on 2 pieces of puff pastry make sure your puff pastry is set a room temperature otherwise it will break if you try to cut it once out of the freezer 
Cut your puff pastry into a triangle shape add your Nutella spread all over the triangle add your top piece and then you need to cut along the sides and then double twist to make the branches of the tree
I baked ours for 40 minutes at 180 fan forced then once i had it out of the oven i sprinkled some cinnamon sugar over the top 

I hope you have a merry Christmas 

Pretty Fresh Foundation & Concealer | Colourpop Cosmetics

14 December 2020

One of Colourpop biggest releases of this year was the highly anticipated Pretty Fresh foundation after the massive success of the pretty fresh tinted moisturiser & creamy concealer this was a very long awaited release that has been one of my favourites of 2020
there isn't that strong coconut smell like the tinted moisturiser which is nice the formula is soft & smooth on the skin and doesn't go oily I always set this with the Pretty Fresh setting spray 

The consistency of these foundations are really lightweight and smooth on the skin there isn't a smell of coconut like the tinted moisturiser's are the pump bottle makes it easy for a good amount of product to come out I also love that the bottles are a frosted finish there is of product in the foundation bottles 
The foundation is made with Hyaluronic acid & coconut water
 my skin is oily and I find this foundation doesn't break me out and it does not go oily during the day 
Im wearing the pretty fresh foundation in the shade Fair 15w here in the summer Sydney weather its the perfect shade for me 
These are swatches of the Pretty fresh foundations & concealer & the tinted moisturiser 
From left to right Fair 10 N , Fair 15W , Concealer in Fair 20N and tinted moisturiser in Fair 1N & Light 5N " 
Have you tried any of the Colourpop Pretty Fresh Range if so I would love to know your thoughts

Christmas M&M Chocolate fudge Brownies

12 December 2020

Christmas baking has to be one of my favourites I love the chocolate goodness in baking treats for this time of year even when its in Summer in todays post im sharing my Christmas triple chocolate fudge brownies with holiday m&ms and some festive sprinkles of course cause you can never have enough Christmas sprinkles or Chocolate for this time of year 

To make these you will need 

2 box mixes of good quality chocolate brownie mix i like to use the triple chocolate fudge ones of these brownies as you get a mix of milk white & dark chocolate throughout the brownies 

6 Large Eggs 

half a stick of butter melted and cooled 

2 bags of Christmas m&ms 

festive sprinkles 

Pre heat your oven to 165 fan forced 

you need to cook these brownies slow & on a low heat to cook gradually I like to do this method as you get a super soft chewy brownie as that's my favourite kind of brownie

The time to cook these would be about 1 hour and a half as I've added 2 box mixes I like to make sure all of the chocolate batter is cooked properly and you don't have a runny batter throughout 



Disney Christmas Decor | Shop Disney UK

11 December 2020

Disney & Christmas are my two most loved things ever so when I was stumbling across the shop Disney uk site I was able to find some super cute festive Disney goodies for our home & our Christmas tree 
There is a lot of Gingerbread Disney themed items that I purchased from the shop Disney store the candle is the most delicious gingerbread candle I have ever got I have also been eyeing off the super adorable festive mugs and plates the chip & dale plate was an absolute must have for myself & my sister Bec 
These Mickey & Minnie Mouse ears are so adorable the gingerbread theme is super cute & festive they are also soft on the ears too 

Going along with the gingerbread theme I just couldn't leave these little gingerbread mickeys behind they add another cute festive touch to our tree