My House Plants | Care for Summer

1 January 2021

Since i began my Houseplant collection last year this is my houseplants first humid Sydney summer so I've been very particular with how I take care of these plant babies the first thing I love to do is keep my misting to a minimum of 2 times a week I use rain water to help with the plants as it has natural minerals and no chlorine 
Some of these have grown so much during the summer weather its been really lovely to see them all blooming new leaves 

A good spray of neem oil & a good houseplant food is perfect for the house plants i use the plant runner food for my houseplants you need to add water to a shaker bottle add 2 drops of the houseplant food serum and shake the bottle 
I use my diffuser at least once every second day just to keep the plants nice & moist but not soaking wet also good lighting is essential for house plants I have mine west side of our window area so they get a nice amount of sun but not too much heat from our sun in Sydney 
I keep a plant meter on hand at all times to keep a check on how the plants are going if they are having the proper amount of light & water 

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