House Plant Haul | Calathea , Peperomia & More

5 July 2020

As we've been in the House a lot more lately I have taken my love for all things succulents and indoor plants to create a little nook in our spare room full of my house plants that I have been growing in this post I will be telling you what I use to keep these plants looking healthy during the winter months  
Firstly the main thing you need for all of these houseplants is Distilled water as it has no chlorine the chlorine that is in water harms the healthy growth of new leaves and does cause yellowing and browning in the leaves i purchase my distilled water in 5 litre bottles at Bunnings 
I do use a water meter that i found from Amazon i always check my plants daily to make sure they are looking healthy 
plus i use a diffuser a few times a day misting the plants helps as well that is what has helped me with 
the houseplants 

The Calatheas 
These plants come in all different colours and variations these can be very temperamental you will know right away if something is wrong with your plant they need to be checked daily my diffuser runs at 180 minutes about 3 times a day to make sure they are getting to adequate humidity they need 
White Fusion Calathea from Plants by Wendy
This beautiful baby has a mix of Green Creams & Purple undersides this is one of my favourite calatheas although there has been lots of tears growing this plant as my 1st one had not gone so great but this one is absolutely thriving from Plants by Wendy
Calathea Peacock Door 2 Door Plants
The peacock plant is a fun deep green leaf with little flecks of lighter green on the leaves the underside has a purple burgundy tone which is stunning when the plant lifts up at nighttime 

Calathea Orbifolia Plant it up Plants 
The colours in these leaves are so beautiful the light lime green shade mixed with the deeper green of the striped pattern on the leaves also the shape of these leaves are so pretty and unique 

Peperomia Plants
Moonlight & Red Luna these colours are just stunning I keep these 2 in my bedroom in a east facing window my moonlight peperomia is from Bunnings & the red luna is from door 2 door plants 
Ivy Plants

Hendra Ivy   
have the most gorgeous mix of green & cream leaves 

 Variegated Ivy
 that I got online from a plant shop called Plant it up is a stunning cream and green ivy with flecks of purples in the leaves and on the stem of the plant 

Rubber Plant 
This rubber plant I actually got from Ikea last year its grown so well in the summer I place this little beauty outside to get some extra colour come to life in this plant 
What are some of your favourite house plants