Mars Bar Slice | Easy Baking Treat

9 July 2020

Mars Bar Slice is a classic in our family this easy fridge making treat will be a winner with any chocolate lover here is my recipe on how I make this delicious chocolate slice  
To make this you will need 
2 bags of the mars bar chocolate 20 pieces per bag 
2 heap table spoons of butter I used the Lurpak butter 
2 cups of rice bubbles 
1 bag of Cadbury melt chocolates 
2 blocks of good quality dark chocolate broken into pieces 
Some sprinkles to decorate on the top 
In a large microwaveable mixing bowl melt all mars bars and butter together until smooth 
Add the rice bubbles and mix together until coated through 
Melt the milk and dark chocolate together until smooth 
In a oven dish add some baking paper and spoon on your rice bubble mars bar mix add you melted chocolate and add sprinkles 
Leave in the fridge to set over night