Succulent Finds | Tradescantia Tri Colour , Swedish Ivy Hearts

29 February 2020

Lately I have been researching a lot more different varieties of Succulents & House Plants there is just something about leafy greens and succulents that have a variation of pinks purples & whites that im really loving for my garden 

As I was stumbling online searches of the Tradescantia Tricolour me & my mum found these little succulents that we've been looking at for ages on Ebay and the lady that sold them to us actually lived down the road from us which was really good as she has such a beautiful arrangement of different plants they were only $10 a pot which was such a bargain 

I already have few different Tradescantia's already but the tri colour one has been on my Wishlist for ages now we also got a  senecio peregrinus which is called string of Dolphins plectranthus prostratus which is also called swedish ivy hearts 

 Purple Heart Tradescantia 
These types of plant grow like wild from a tiny clipping I have propagated heaps of the Purple Heart plant all over different garden beds we have you must give them a good water about twice a week you really need to keep the soil moist for these plants they also love indirect sunlight as well 
The Rhoeo Spathacea also called Moses in the cradle has also been on my Wishlist this little stunner loves the full sun and like the Tradescantia it also loves a good moister level of water for the soil I added some string of pearls to this to add some more texture 


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