Lets talk about EDS | Awareness Month of EDS

4 May 2019

With May being EDS Awareness month I decided to talk about what its like to live with the invisible condition that is EDS 
EDS is a genetic condition that is in the connective tissue disorder family I have the type of Eds that makes my body very easy to dislocate which is called EDS Hyper mobility this means that most times I need to be very careful how I move and I need to make sure that I have support braces if anything does dislocate 

Me & My Sister got diagnosed with EDS when we were 14 which was 10 Years ago we are now 24 
As I have gotten older I have noticed that my Back has become a lot more stiffer I have arthritis in my lower back now so that means that I need lots of heat bags and my back support brace to get me through the pain days when it flares up 
 Im really grateful that my sister bec & my mum have the same understanding with EDS we all have the same type of the disorder & we help each other out when we are having off days we sometimes do need wheelchairs & walking aids but if that helps us feel more stable to move around than thats the most important thing to feel safe & secure with an EDS Flare Up
One of the main things with my EDS is that I have chronic pain & fatigue some days its more harder than others but you learn to live with it in certain ways 
I find that if im having an off EDS day the best thing to do is trying to keep myself busy wether that be  bl just wearing makeup when im feeling down from the pain or even just cuddling my dogs Eleanor & Violet  & watching Disney or Marvels Movies I don't like to use many painkillers as I find that most of the time they don't help me very much with the pain but I've been trying out some multi vitamins and I find that they help a little bit

Thanks for Reading my EDS post 

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