Soft Glam Velvet Rose Dupe | Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup Revolution

24 April 2019

 Recently me & my sister have been going through our eyeshadow collections we stumbled across two palettes that we own that are pretty much identical one is from Revolution Makeup & one is from Anastasia Beverly Hills in todays post im going to be showing you what is the difference between these palettes and how similar they are 

Revolution Makeup is a cruelty free brand that does gorgeous eyeshadow palettes I have recently purchased quite a few of these reloaded palettes as I have seen them everywhere on Pinterest & instagram they are $8 per eyeshadow palette they have 15 shadows in each eyeshadow palette that have 0.04oz of product in each shadow pan and they are so creamy & blend like a dream 
First Row of shadows

Second Row of Shadows 

Third Row of Shadows 

 The Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette is also cruelty free the shadows in here are gorgeous too but the price is very different for the ABH palette you are looking at the price point of $76 you get 14 shadows in this palette per pan its 0.02 oz of product which is 0.02 less than what you would get in the Revolution palette this is actually my sisters palette she got it last year and she loves it to pieces but when she saw that I had pretty much the same eyeshadow palette for a  cheaper price that does the exact same thing she was really surprised 

 The ABH Palette Row 1 
They both do the exact same thing the only difference is that 
the prices are very different from one another and that the Soft Glam Palette has 0.02 oz & The Velvet Rose Palette has 0.04oz

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