Arabian Days | Disney's Aladdin at The Grounds Sydney

15 May 2019

Once I found out that The Grounds at Alexandria was having an Aladdin themed experience full of gorgeous terracotta pots rugs & all the stunning Aladdin Decor I was super excited to see what they had created for the Aladdin Theme 
 Pistachio sponge & white chocolate & orange blossom mousse and raspberry confit you can buy it from The Grounds Cafe Strawberry tart & Lime & meringue tart 
 This gorgeous Aladdin Themed cake was so soft & light the pistachio's made it very fluffy which was full of flavour but not too overpowering
Magic Carpet Ride Drink 
Guava and jasmine butterfly pea slushy which is  Available from The Garden Bar 
This was a really refreshing drink it wasn't too sweet either which was nice 
The decor was absolutely stunning from the different Terracotta Pots gorgeous Arabian rugs and scarfs plus the beautiful Lamp that you would honestly think was from Aladdin

 They always have a really beautiful & unique flower selection


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