Mini Egg Brownie Cupcakes | Easter Baking

20 April 2019

Cadbury Mini Eggs are one of my favourites for the easter season they are so cute with the pastel colours and taste so delicious with my brownie mix I use to make these 
To make these cupcakes you will need 
1 box mix of brownie " Zumbo brownie mix as it has chunks of white milk & dark chocolate throughout the mix "
2 eggs 
250 grams of melted butter 
Some cupcake patty pans 
Cadbury Mini eggs
Chocolate Frosting " I used the Betty Crocker frosting "
 half a block of chocolate cut into slithers 
Mix your brownie mix eggs & melted butter together
add them to the patty pans 
bake them at 165 fan forced for at least 25 minutes 
Add the frosting once they are completely cooled down and than you can add the chopped chocolate & mini eggs 

I hope you have a lovely easter

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