Winter Skincare Favourites | Mecca Cosmetica Tacha Fourth Ray Beauty

22 June 2022

With winter here I've updated my skincare routine from some gorgeous new products that I got from Mecca and some from Colourpop's sister brand fourth ray beauty.

Mecca Cosmetica Hydrating moisturiser with hyaluronic acid 

I first tried this moisturiser in samples from many of the Mecca order's i have made over the last few months this is such a gorgeous soft hydrating moisturiser that plums my skin and add's extra care during winter.

The consistency is a soft cream that has a little scent to me its nothing to strong this sinks into the skin well it doesn't leave a oily feeling on my skin either.

With my Mecca beauty loop i received this watercooler serum its very hydrating for the skin.

Tacha water cream 

The main reason I picked this up was that it was targeted for oily skin with large pores im in need of something to smooth out my pores for when im wearing makeup when I saw this in Mecca in the city I had to pick up the little 10ml tub i knew it was the perfect starter to try out. 

The consistency is like a cream gel that isn't full of scent and sink's into the skin straight away a little goes a long way with this product it doesn't leave that oily residue on the skin either.

Fourthray Beauty Remedy 10% Niacinamide serum  & Renew Retinol serum 

These are two of my favourite serums to use the texture of my skin has been so much better since  I've been using these product its help brighten my skin and keep my oiliness at bay I've also noticed my pores getting smaller I use this one day and then the next day use the retinol serum this one makes my skin feel softer and help's keep my dry skin in winter at bay plus im not a red in my skin anymore. 

Have you tried anything new for skincare lately I'd love to know 


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