Things in lockdown that bring me joy

31 August 2021

 As Sydney is still in lockdown I've been finding joy in more things that give me comfort like bible journaling , making heaps of little treats like these pancakes & more houseplant purchasing and watching some good tv shows and heaps of furbabies snuggles 

We just used a pancake batter mix from white wings and some olive oil to cook them in the pan 
we then added lemon juice and some brown sugar on top it was so light and refreshing I added some strawberries on the side as they have been so fresh and delicious lately 
I would be so lost without my babies Eleanor & Violet as they bring so much joy and happiness 
I've been finding that doing things like having a nice homemade breakfast makes being in lockdown easier also i've nearly finished Gilmore girls also I've been purchasing some new decor pieces and re organising my room with some new items from Kmart as well 
I hope you are all safe & well 

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