Winter Houseplant care | Begonia Calathea & More

24 July 2021

My Houseplant collection has grown more since this new lockdown in Sydney and as im waiting from some new plant babies to arrive i wanted to move some of my older babies and check on them to see how they are coping in the winter. The main thing that they need is heaps of humidity in the winter  using my humidifier's one on the top & bottom tier of my shelf is what i find that keeps them happy and not go into a frenzy during the colder months. 

I also group them together to add more humidity as well once or twice a week I mist them with filtered water depending how dry they get from the dryers being on as these are in our spare room near the laundry 
I also use my we the wild neem oil spray to clean over my leaves and to keep gnats away i only do this once every 2 to 3 weeks I find this gives them a boost of any nutrients they need and this helps if the leaves get dry looking too.

For my Calathea Plants they all live in our bathroom as it has the most humidity in there these are a selected few of the calatheas i've got as there is quite a few in our bathroom now 

With these calatheas the get a moister meter check every 4 days plus they also get a mist too every few days to keep them happy 


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