Skincare Must haves from 2022 | Tacha Mecca Cosmetica & More

6 January 2023

Last year I got into heaps more skincare serums and moisturise's as my skin has changed over the years I can see why a lot of the products are loved they have made my skin's texture so much better 

I can definitely see why the Tacha water cream is so well loved this has been absolutely perfect for helping my acne prone skin and helping my skin's texture 

The Mecca Cosmetica Hydrating moisturiser has been so hydrating for my skin in all types of weather its helped keep my oiliness at bay and its improved my skin texture

For when I do get a acne breakout the one product that has been so good for any pesky breakouts has been the Mecca Max Breakup serum its full of acne blemishing ingredients The water cooler hydrating serum has been honestly the best serum for my oily skin you don't think you need more hydration with oily skin but in fact you need it to help balance your oil production 

The ordinary serums that I have been using at the Retinol and the Niacinamide + Zinc
these were purchased because there wasn't any fourth ray beauty serums that I would normally use available online these work just the same so im happy that I did pick these up from Priceline 


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