Nutella & Cherry Jam Mini Christmas Trees | Festive Baking

28 November 2022

A few years ago I made the big pull apart Christmas puff pastry tree but I wanted something that was more easy for everyone to pick up and eat and I saw these cute little mini puff pastry trees on Instagram so here we are for this cute little treat you will need Puff Pastry Nutella & Cherry Jam some Christmas cookie cutters and some skewers to put the pastry on to make the tree shapes.

Firstly make sure your pastry is at room temp this is crucial for the dough to move in the shape you want it to be 

Add your Nutella spread in between 2 pieces of puff pastry cut lines about medium thickness not to thin and not too thick add the pastry onto the skewer and add your egg wash to have that gorgeous brown colour 

               For the Cherry jam ones you use the same process as the Nutella ones just with jam instead 

bake for 20 minutes on 160 fan forced 

sprinkle some icing sugar or cinnamon sugar onto each tree 

These turned out so cute I'll be making more of these over the festive holidays 




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