Birthday Makeup | Nars Colourpop & Flower beauty

13 January 2022

Last month I purchased the Nars Natural radiant foundation so i was so excited to try it out for my birthday makeup look plus some other new products that i have been loving too 
Its such a gorgeous liquid foundation that add's the perfect amount of coverage it covers my pores really. well and my redness that is on my cheeks I used my flower beauty whipped primer this is one of my new favourites for any foundation my go to powder is my flower beauty translucent pressed powder this keeps everything in place.
The wet & wild neutral palette has been my go to for natural eye looks lately the warrior princess mascara from flower beauty makes my lashes fuller and longer plus i just love adding my out of quartz this is the perfect highlight for the inner eye 




  1. I've been needing a new foundation for so long! The NARS foundation makes your skin really glowly & lovely in the pics! I'll definitely give it a go in future!

    1. Its such a gorgeous foundation the coverage is amazing as well xx