Trying out ELF Cosmetics | Bite Size Palettes Flawless Foundation & More

5 September 2020

I haven't made an Elf Cosmetics purchase in years and honestly i am so glad that I did they have changed their makeup products for the better I love the unlimited colour selection for foundations & concealers the quality of these products are up with heaps of other makeup brands so here are my thoughts on each Elf cosmetics product

Elf Flawless Foundation " Swan "
I searched endlessly on Pinterest & YouTube for swatches of the foundation this was one of the lightest shades and I must say the colour was perfect I was honestly expecting it to be so orange and not a match with my skin it blended perfectly and it has a soft smooth finish the primer I used under this foundation was my favourite Fenty Beauty primer
Swatches of the Rose eye putty primer , 16hour Camo Concealer in Fair rose & Swan flawless foundation " 
I heard so many good reviews of this concealer I cannot believe that I haven't heard of this sooner 
its soft smooth and it doesn't crease under my eyes I love the 
Bite sized eyeshadow palettes 
Berry Bad 

These are both of the shadows swatched together " Berry Bad is the first 4 shadows then Pumpkin Spice is the last 4 shadows I love how creamy the shimmer shadows are and how pigmented they are aswell 
I have actually just purchased a few more of these Bite Sized palettes so another blogpost will be happening so keep an eye out
Whats some of your favourite ELF products ?
im keen to try more out from them