Cadbury Mini Egg Fudge Brownies | Easter Baking

9 April 2020

Since easter is only a few days away i thought it was only fitting to bake some easter brownies using one of my favourite brownie mixes that i purchase all the time i have been finding that baking & gardening have been a great stress detox as it takes my mind off everything that is going on in the world at the moment its important to stay home & stay safe with things that make you calm 

To make these brownies you will need 
2 box mixes of Brownie batter i use the Anna Polyviou she has added big chunks of chocolates all in this mix
2 Large Eggs
250 grams of melted butter 
2 bags of Mini eggs 

bake these for at least 35 minutes at 170 fan forced 
I hope you all have a lovely easter and stay safe 

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  1. Wow this looks so good! Mini eggs are a great addition to any bake, especially for Easter. Thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah |