Christmas Gift Guide | Under $30

25 November 2019

I cannot believe that Christmas is literally less than a month away so in this blogpost I have gathered up some of my favourite festive and beauty treats that are either christmas scented & themed to some of my makeup must haves that are an absolute steal for any makeup lover under $30 Australian 

 Target gingerbread candle is such a steal for $12 it smells like ive just baked gingerbread in the house 
Rich Plum shimmer mist this is the Frosted Plum scent that the body shop have been doing for the past few years and it still is one of my favourite scents
Flower beauty lip duo's these are a must have for any makeup lover they are $4.99 at the moment 
The new Maybelline SPF 40 lightweight foundation is on special for $12.99 this is a must for the summer time in Sydney as it has a SPF inside the foundation 
Sugar Plum Fairy sugar lip scrub from Lush $11.95
I love grabbing some Colourpop super shock shadows for family & friends for the holiday season they last for at least 1 year and a half and they are such a quick easy eyeshadow to apply if your busy but want to have some colour on your lids they are $6 us a pot 
Christmas earrings from Lovisa are $11.99 a pair 
Hourglass mini caution mascara which is $21 but I just love how full this makes my lashes 
What are some of your Christmas gift favourites 

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