Sensible Shoes | Sharon Garlough Brown Book Series

14 September 2019

Last year i went to my churches womens retreat as me and bec "my sister " were having a look  at all of the book 's they had to buy i stumbled across this gem of a book 
As I was reading the back of the book to know what it was about and I met this really nice lady that actually told me that she had purchased this book and it was such an inspirational read she also told me that it was a series they had a few of the books there and I picked up the first one and the 4th book  " thinking it was the 2nd book " from the series so my sister helped me find them online at Koorong
I have read all of these books and I wanted to share my thoughts on how great these books are 

It all starts with 4 women in different walks of life that are wanting to find their spiritual journey with the lord and his word at the New Hope Retreat centre 
What they all don't realise in the beginning is how much they will grow into a massive support network with one another as christian women through reading the lords words and finding love hope and a new discovery they develop the Sensible Shoes Club

I read the first book within about 3 days of getting it i had to then wait for the 2nd book to arrive which was " Two steps Forward " with this book I really took my time reading it as I wanted to really savour every part of it the same thing goes for me with Barefoot the 3rd book & than An Extra Mile the 4th Book " once I have finished her new book I will be re reading these as I have got her study series to complete "
The one thing I can say about this book series is that it has to be one of the most relatable book series that i have ever read this series also helped me through finding myself when i was in a pretty bad anxiety time at the moment im currently reading Sharon Garlough Browns newest book which does include some familiar faces from this series its called Shades of Light 


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