Disney Designer | Colourpop

21 October 2018

These are my dream team in one collection Disney & Colourpop 
could you ask for a better collection ? I think not
When I found out that there was going to be a Disney & Colourpop collection to say I was excited was an understatement being a lover of Disney & Colourpop I was so ready to see what this collection was all about
firstly I just love the Disney Designer packaging the princesses have more of a Fashion look from their Decade and they just look so glamorous
Its a Princess thing Palette
Chip: matte soft beige nude
Juju: matte warm rosy pink
Grumpy: matte dusty salmon
Triton: sand with a golden sheen
Abu: matte intense warm brown
Prince Charming: ivory pearl with a green duochrome
Ray: metallic champagne
Fairy Godmother: metallic bright coral
One Kiss?: metallic bright coppery gold
Thingamabob: vibrant metallic silver
Enchanted Rose: rich metallic rose
Poison Apple: metallic pinky violet
Magic Carpet: blackened plum
Beast: deep warm brown topped with gold glitter
Midnight Curfew: black sprinkled with silver glitter
Lip Products

Cinderella Ariel Belle Snow White 
Ultra Glossy Lips 
Boo & Bobbidi
Have you got anything from this stunning collection if so I would love to know