Lush & The BodyShop | Christmas Collection Haul

8 December 2016

Christmas Collections from Lush & The BodyShop have now been released and im so excited this is one of my favourite seasons of the year Lush & The BodyShop always create some gorgeous festive soaps shower gels & just overall candy festive cuteness for this season.

Frosted Berries & Spiced Apple Shower Gel's

The Body Shop have some very festive ShowerGel's if you saw my Youtube Video on Last years collection you would know that i was obsessed " and still am with the Frosted Plum " unfortunately it was not in the Shower gel range this year but i got these little sweet fruity festive scents the Frosted Berries one is super gorgeous its made from Cranberries that come from North America
Spiced Apple is very smooth in apple smell it has a soft hint of Cinnamon and other spices that create an Apple Pie Apple Crumble scent Its made from Apples that come from The Alps.

Candied Plum Bath Fizzer
Once i saw this little purple cutie in The BodyShop i just knew it had to be something plum related " well i was hoping anyway" This smells exactly the same as the gorgeous Frosted Plum range these are little bath fizzers that you place into a running bathtub this is a must for anyone that loved the Frosted Plum range like i did last year.

Candy Cane Roulade " Shower Smoothie "
The most Christmassy gorgeous Shower Smoothie ever if your a lover of peppermint or CandyCanes this one is a must!

Magic Wand " BubbleBar"
This has a hint of a sweet candy smell super adorable with its silver glitter bell & bow if you love any scents that have a hint of fruit mixed with sweet candy this one is a must have.

A French Kiss
Im not quite sure if this is a part of the Christmas Range but i couldnt leave this little purple cuteness it smells like Lavender & rosemary but how adorable is that lilac swirl with the white.

Creamy Candy "BubbleBar"
This little cutie has a soft marshmallow scent with a hint of raspberry i love how sweet and smooth this is on the skin.

Candy Mountain "BubbleBar"
Candy Mountain is a mix between Pink & White Marshmallows that is excatly what it does smell like and it looks adorable.

Rose Jam "BubbleBar"
A Soft Rose scent that looks like a pink macaron on the side i love that this is covered in pink glitter and it has that rose texture on the top.

The Comforter "Bubble Bar & Shower Creme "
This has to be one of my absolute favourites The Comforter is made from a soft scent that smells of berries and a hint of vanilla both of the BubbleBar & The Shower Creme have that soft soothing texture on the skin and that scent is just perfect if you love soft sweet marshmallow smells.
SunnySide " BubbleBar"

This has to be one of the only Bubblebars i got that is covered in Glitter this little cutie is made from Lemon Oils & Oranges it has a soft fruit smell that is very summery.

Have you bought anything from the Lush or BodyShop Christmas Range i would love to know what you got

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