Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Vanilla Buttercake with Strawberries & Chocolate | Baking Treats

This vanilla butter cake will be the best thing you have tried in ages this is a Coles boxed cake mix but i add more butter to make this more smooth & soft in texture 
To make this you will need 
2 Large eggs 
1 Coles box mix i used vanilla cake mix
to heap tablespoons of butter at room temperature 
quarter of a cup of milk 
in a large mixing bowl mix you wet ingredients with your dry mix 
make sure its all mixed smoothly together 
in 2 cake pans separate the mix so you can have two even cakes
cook for about 35minutes at 180 fan forced 
let the cakes cool down and add some frosting i also used chopped strawberries in the centre as well as the top 
Geri Maree