Makeup & Skincare Favourites of 2016 |Colourpop,Maybelline Lush + More

As i completed my Makeup & Skincare certificate 2 & started my Makeup Diploma in Screen & Media i was getting more into the world of Skincare & Makeup trying out some new products that became a staple in my collection and some ones that i fell back involve with in 2016

Skincare favourites that i got into in 2016
St Ives " GreenTea scrub " this little baby is perfect for acne blackhead prone skin i love how it really exfoliates my skin and keeps it soft this also keeps redness away and helps my blackheads.
Daisy MarcJacobs HandCream
This came in a set of perfume and handcream i just love that Daisy scent and its so nourshing on the hands.
Lush Honey i washed the kids 
I always loved the soap form of this cutie that soft honeycomb scent is just amazing 
The Body Shop Sugar Scrub
I used up all of my FrostedPlum SugarScrub so when i found out they had more of these i picked up more they leave the skin all cleansed and take away any dry skin that i have. 
Neutrogena SPF & Combination Moisturiser
These are two of my all time favourite moisturisers i have been using the combination one for years the SPF one was one that i got into last year due to learning more about skin protection with wearing SPF under foundations.
Nivea Lip Balms
These always helped my lips when i had anxiety habits of biting my lip and making it all raw the blue one is for nighttime and the white one is for daytime 
Garnier Micellar Water " Oily Skin"
The green bottle of Micellar water was a new cleansing water that i really got into when i was in the middle of my  Cert 2 i found it whilst going to priceline to do some reasearch for an assignment its so calming and cooling on the skin.

Makeup Favourites of 2016 
 W7 Naughty Nine Palettes
These are dupes for the Mac X9 palletes the colours are exactly the same and for $4.99 you can't go wrong i just love the soft pigmentation of these shadows they blend amazingly and i just love all of them to pieces.
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 
I love how this minimises my pores it helps my oily skin to stay matte i also love the soft texture of this foundation too
Rimmel Lonodn Match Perfection 
They released a new formula of this in 2016 and i have to say this one is so much gorgeous than the original version this one has a pore minimising effect and its also SPF 20
NYX Lingiere
Embellishment was one of my favourites that i bought from the NYX range i just love a good old liquid lipstick and this one ticks all the boxes
Colour Pop Ulta Satin & Ultra Matte
Speaking of Liqiud Lipsticks these ones are my babies i just love the soft finish of them all my favourite shades from last year where
Cheap Thrills is a soft mauve shade 
Molly a gorgeous bright mauve with soft pink
Dopey a neutral pink purple shade
3 Way which is a gorgeous burgundy metallic lipstick with gold reflects
Maybelline the Falsies pushup drama & GreatLash Mascara
GreatLash has always been a mascara that i have used for years i love how it coats my lashes 
Falsies pushup drama is a new mascara that maybelline added last year its a make the lashes full and very coated.
What was your favourites in Makeup & Skincare from 2016 i would love to know

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