Tom Ford Lips & Boys

When i found out that the " Tom Ford Lips & Boys"
where finally available to purchase in Australia off David Jones i was so happy that i was literally jumping with excitement.
Firstly these are the pefect size for me i do own 2 of the fuller sized one's but i find that they can be hard to squeeze into my makeup purse when im out and about.
The formulation of these have an Ultra creamy texture and the colour pigments deliver pure colour to the lips without drying them out.
They are made from Rare and exotic ingredients including Soja Seed Extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil.
and for $48 australian dollars i must say that these are so worth the money you can get two of these cuties for almost the same price as one full lipstick.
42 Julian
 Julian was one of my must haves when i was browsing through
the Tom Ford site.

Its a gorgeous rosey toned pink perfect for any makeup look.
49 Guillermo
This shade was very different for what i would normally choose i wanted a nice browish 
shade and i love that this has that tiny hint of purple in it.
Its a very gorgeous brown shade if you want something new in your lipstick collection.
58 Malik
 Malik has a very gorgeous mix of pink & some purple through it

There is also some shimmer that is in this shade which i love.
60 Drake
Drake was another lip colour that i just had to get shortly after i ordered this it went out of stock so im very happy i snapped it up right away.
Its a softish mauve toned lipstick

with a hint of shimmer
75 Jay
Jay is a deep plum shade that was a must have for me
its a mix of plum with a hint of brown in it.
45 Liam
 Liam is a gorgeous Purple shade one of my favourites out of the Lips & Boys collection.

There is a tiny amount of Shimmer in this one
(sorry that my lips are cracked here i bit my lip through anxiety " i don't know why it only showed up when i wore Liam")
44 Xavier
I needed a new vibrant pink colour in my collection and i also wanted to grab as many different colours out of this line.
 i just loved the birght pink that is Xavier
Its that perfect summer colour.
38 Alejandro
This bad boy is super gorgeous a beautiful Red colour the name reminded me of 
Lady Gaga Song " Alenjandro"
This is a must for any " Red Lipstick Lover"
If you haven't picked up any of these
i recommend that you grab some of these gorgeous 
Lips & Boys 


  1. Super pretty shades! Love the last red shade definitely gonna try these out :)

    Lotte |

  2. Julian looks like a wearable colour for everyday. There's a lot of pretty colours but I think my favourite has to be Alejandro, the last colour (the red), it's stunning plus you suit it so well xx

    Jasmine ||

    1. Alejandro is super gorgeous thanks lovely

  3. Lovely post! Julian has to be my favourite, as I love really wearable nudes and pinks, but I also love the bold Alejandro - such a staple red x


    1. Thank you gorgeous Julian is so gorgeous a must have for any nudes & pinks lipstick lover xx

  4. Soooooooooooo pretty, I'm obsessed! I definitely need to pick some of these up ASAP! The red one is absolutely stunning.

    Xx, ALYSPACE | Alexandra xxx

    1. They are one of my favourite lipsticks at the minute the formula of these are super soft but they stay on for ages.

  5. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog! Do you want to follow each other? Let me know on my blog
    Lucy xox

  6. There is some lush shades in this, Guillermo and Liam are my favourite! Love a purple lipstick especially x

    Tamz |

  7. These are all gorgeous shade!!! I know it is silly, but I love logos and prints on a lipstick! :)



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